Your Investments Letting

Your investments should Pay YOU every month! Real Estate varies from every other type of investment in the way that it can accrue value and pay “dividends.”  It does not need to be work... Our turn key investment services can make this a reality. 

1.Real Estate Investments allow you to take advantage of leverage. Are you taking full advantage of current interest rates?
2.Real Estate Investments build equity separate without further investment from you. Do you have a plan to harvest this equity?
3 Real Estate Investments create income to supplement your lifestyle and finance further investment. Are you compounding this profit?
4.Real Estate Investments can be adjusted to maximize efficiency and profitability. Have you recently checked assessments, insurance rates, or water usage?
5. Real Estate Investments can act as a hedge against inflation. Have you noticed our government's recent fiscal policy?


Property Management is the active part of real estate investing that determines your amount of success. North Country Real Estate LLC, Property Management provides professional services by licensed agents. We offer a variety of property management services and understand that each property is unique and requires individual attention. North Country Real Estate LLC offers complete property management services for Gloversville, Johnstown, Amsterdam, and the surrounding areas. We also represent our clients as consultants and buyers' agents in the acquisition of new property. We will find, review, and recommend properties based on our clients' goals. We then assist with negotiations and work toward a seamless transition.





We recently received this note from a client,  pleased with their improved profits and and change to stress free management. I'm happy to share! 

         I have had a home in Gloversville for nearly five (5) years, a rental property. Because of M Baker I want to buy another home, when all I wanted before was to sell the one we own , He is the best property manager. If all people working for NORTH COUNTRY REAL ESTATE are like Him, that makes it # 1. He is friendly, very understanding, a good listener, knows exactly what He is doing, and will solve problems immediately. A few months back we were thinking of selling now we are thinking of buying!
-Francine Louis-Charles